Beck Varcoe

DSA Class of 2020
and Future Wildlife Vet


When I was five,

I knew I loved animals and wanted to protect them after I rescued a baby blackbird who had fallen from her nest. I took care of Georgie until she was big enough to fly, then we took her to Maungatautari Wildlife Reserve, near our home in New Zealand, to release her.

I have a special bond with all species of animals and know that I want to spend my life understanding what keeps them healthy, whilst informing young people about the value of wildlife protection in natural habitats.


My journey in college begins with animal health and biology

A major focus on sciences will help me know the various systems to understand what is critical for survival of a number of species.

Feeling at ease with all types of animals

I can establish trust and care for them in their natural habitat; a less stressful environment.

I am a dedicated caregiver

Putting in hard work every day is most important. If it means being up before dawn to feed orphaned lambs, it's just something I do.


Beck Varcoe, age 18

CSU Zoology Major - Fall 2020
School of Natural Sciences  

Currently seeking employment as a veterinary office or animal shelter
support person prior to starting college.

Please contact me
(303) 877-1399


(303) 877-1399

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